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Web Design & Development

We will build landing pages for your business that is optimized for improved loading times.​

Search Engine Optimisation

Promoting your site is the best and easiest way to increase traffic. Think of site promotion as advertising your business and services - but cheaper (if not free!).​


In April 2020, Facebook had 1,66 billion daily users in the world. This make it the perfect platform to target your perfect audience and generating leads for your business.​


Unlock your company's full potential with a customized strategy. We will help you build the right strategy for your business that will generate high quality RETURNING leads at the lowest cost.


With the new regulations, most companies will have to change the way they do business. We have the perfect platform to build your online store. Don't get left behind. Give yourself the edge above your competitors. Contact us today about our products and packages.

Explainer Videos

Do you need to explain your products or services to the public? We have the solution for you. Our animated explainer videos gets to the point at affordable prices. Use it for a blog, website or your youtube channel.


Agency That Helps Small And Medium Businesses

And we’re here to give your dreams color, life, sound, and voice. We are a web design company that will make your vision a reality. When it comes to digital marketing, we will be able to help your company grow and stand out above the crowd.

With the age of technology and the rapid growth of the internet, it has now become a necessity to take your business online. With more than 4 Billion daily users, the internet has become the perfect platform to promote and connect businesses. You have social media and search engines that generates a large amount of traffic.

The world keeps on evolving, so why don't you?

What our clients think

No matter the industry, we will create a custom website for your business.

“Comcat Digital has been a tremendous and a positive help to me and especially my small business. Since our path cross, I did get positive results towards the growth of my Business.”

Johannes Salie

Xtreme Boxing Fitness Gym/Club

“I was helped every day to sort out my problems. The problems were due to my low level of knowledge re this project. ”

Hendrik J. Kleynhans

The Market Intellect



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