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We provide a professional and reliable computer repair service

Computer problems can often result in lost data,

but there are steps you can take to protect this crucial asset.


Built With Greatness Inside

We'll help you focus on your business by providing the clarity, security, and stability to let your business grow. With proactive support solutions that are designed to ensure better stability, performance, and security across all technologies, platforms, and devices, we'll save you time and money while you're working on your business, not your technology.

You receive a technician on-site in a jiffy!  We are committed to providing you with a solution that is right for your business.

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Cape Town (Northern Suburbs)

Hardware Installs

Are you looking to upgrade your current hardware or building a new pc? We can do it for you.

Hardware Repair

Is your computer sluggish and unresponsive? Let us run diagnostics on your hardware to get to the root of the problem.

Operating System Install & Repair

Best way to stay protected is to have the latest operating system available installed on your computer. We do upgrades and new installs.

Computer Setup

With any new installation, we setup the computer with standard FREE apps for day-to-day use. We also configure any devices that you may have.

Computer & Network Security

There is a lot of security vulnerabilities out there. We will secure your computer the best way possible and also provide training.

Computer Tune-up

Has it been a while since you done a bit of a cleanup. With a bit of optimization, your computer will almost be running like new.

Domain & Email Setup

Are you looking to setup a domain for your home or business use? Let us help you with the setup. We can manage it for your or we will provide you training to manage it yourself.

Setup a Wireless Network

The is a lot of wireless devices out there that is not setup securely. Are you 1 of them? Start protecting your network environment today.

Data Backup & Transfer

How well is your disaster recovery configured? Will you have your date if your computer get stolen or crash today? Let's put a proper system in place for you.

Setup Network Storage

Don't setup shares between your pc's. Having a network storage device, helps securing your data as well as a backup solution for your company or home.

Cloud Server Solutions

Are you hosting your environment on a local baremetal machine? There is so many advantages of moving to the cloud. Contact us today for a FREE Trial

Virus Removal

Are you suddenly getting a computer that is extremely slow and not doing what it is suppose to do? You may be infected. We have many tools available to remove any infection.

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Cape Town (Northern Suburbs)

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