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Case Study

J.Salie - Xtreme Boxing Fitness Gym/Club

The Problem

The client tried placing ads in the local magazines with vouchers, but he had NO RESULTS from these ads.  

The Solution

We started with a likes campaign. After a week we started the conversion campaign and the leads started flowing in. We setup automation to email the client every time a lead opted in to the offer and add the leads detail to a google sheet. The client then followed up to do a up-sell.


The Result

From the likes campaign, we generated 378 likes in less than a week @ R1.99 per like.

From the conversion campaign, we generated 54 leads in 5 days @ R17.15 per per lead.

We had to stop the ad because the client was getting overwhelmed with the amount of people that has opted in on the offer.

The total money that was made with the signups was R35000 and the ad spent was R2000.


"Comcat Digital has been a tremendous and a positive help to me and especially my small business. Since our path cross, I did get positive results towards the growth of my Business. They is a very hard working and you get the sense that they are hands on what their work is concern and they always keep me as the Manager of my establishment always informed and in keep in the loop about everything that’s going on and even before he starts something he runs it through me make sure I understand before I give him the go ahead to continue.

I have worked with many people, but haven’t come across a team like Comcat Digital. They available whenever you struggle with something day or night. They gave me a new perspective in life and that is you still get hard working and dedicated people in this world and a great example of that. My business is much better of now then before I have met Comcat Digital. In the short time that I’ve come to know them, I’ve learned so much from them that I will definitely incorporate into my business that I truly trust will take my business to definite higher heights.

They have opened my eyes to new digital marketing strategies which to me is the new best thing grow your business at a cost-effective way. I’m grateful for the fact that I’ve replied on his message. That has changed my whole life for the better. There aren’t words enough to thank Comcat Digital for what they has mend to me as a person and to my business as a whole. I want to wish them all the Best with their endeavors moving forward .

Thank you.

A Small Business Owner looking into the future with renewable Hope thanks to Comcat Digital."

Johannes S.

Xtreme Boxing Fitness, Manager

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