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South Africa - Level 3 Lockdown - What it means to your business

South Africa - Level 3 Lockdown - What it means to your business

COVID-19… Yes this has been the word that has caused havoc across the world. Governments has locked down their countries. Citizens had mostly obeyed this for the sake of containing the virus and preparing for the influx of patients to hospitals. But the devastation this virus caused the economy was way worse. Any business that rely on being open every day of the month, to be able to provide an income for their employees, is most likely to close down permanently. People lost their businesses, jobs and any source of income. They are now starving.

Across the world, people are now rising up against their governments. The hunger is now overwhelming the fear of COVID-19. In the US, people has started rioting and looting. South Africa has seen a few instances where people has looted shops. Riots broke out because of food shortages. This is going to get worse before we can start to rebuild.

Business owners and entrepreneurs must now change the way they operate. They need to put new measures in place to accommodate and protect their clients. The aim is to keep revenues up, while getting expenses as low as possible to be able to pay salaries to their employees.

The way to help accomplish this is to change marketing strategy to reach their best potential client at the lowest cost. To accomplish this is to start looking at the internet and social media.

South Africa is now going to Level 3 lockdown on 1 July 2020. What does that mean to your business? Unless you are a retailer that provide food and other necessities, people are less likely to come to your business to buy from you. Most people has been affected by this financially in some way to the other. By taking your business or services online?

How do you do that? By setting up an e-commerce site to help you promote and sell your products and services to the public. The site needs to be search engine optimizes (SEO) to improve your rankings on search engines. It needs to be responsive on all devices (pc, tablet and mobile). More than 61% of internet use worldwide, is on mobile devices. Your site needs to look modern and perform on any mobile device.

If you only service a specific area, you can do targeted marketing to you ideal client in that area. Your company then saves money and resources while increasing revenue.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Many companies has seen the benefit of using the internet and social media. They have already started the migration to the digital world of e-commerce. If you don’t start using the internet to help promote your business, your competitors most probably will. This will give them a great advantage above your company. Help flatten the curve of the unemployment rate and go digital.


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