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How to salvage my business while in country is in ‘lockdown’?

How to salvage my business while in country is in ‘lockdown’?

Where it all started for us?

When the first case of the covid-19 virus (aka corona) was reported, in December 2019, little did we know what impact this will make to the world as we know it. This microbe has now traveled the world and has infected people across all countries. Like many other South Africans, this is the first time that I experience a ‘lockdown’ of a country. This has never happened in my lifetime on this scale. What this ‘lockdown’ has done is put everything into perspective. Life will go on. This gives us now time to prepare for when the ‘lockdown’ is lifted and the curve has been flatten.

The downside of the virus

Except for the loss of life and the thousands of people being placed into quarantine, it has disrupted our day to day activities. Our economy is going to take a lot of strain as well as businesses that are forced to close down. If you are running a business that provide non-essential services and products, then this could be you.

What to do next?

Use this lockdown period to plan your next move. Put systems in to place that will work for you while you are unable to. You are still able to contact people using phone, email, skype, whatapp and zoom. Use these platforms at your disposal to get the ball rolling. My preference is zoom, because you have the ability to do share screen and presentations. Hosting a one-on-one on free package is has no time limitations, but doing a webinar to many is limited to 40min. This is still sufficient to get your message across. It is time to clean up the cobwebs from your old/outdated site and spruce it up. Having a responsive design and also optimized for proper click through rate is key. This will also help to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. Another option is to have some type of promotion and using social media platforms to target the people that is most likely to use your products and services. It is now time to take massive action. This will determine if your company is going to be prosperous or struggling.

How can we help you?

We will be available in the lockdown to help businesses get ready for after ‘lockdown’. We will guide you step-by-step from marketing strategy to having a proper website that is optimized for all devices (pc, tablet and mobile).

Our team is waiting on you.


Be safe, stay indoors and all the best.


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