Laptops purchased in the last 5 years that are starting to run slow can be sorted out by installing a solid-state hard drive.
When installing the new drive, the options are:

  • To format the solid-state hard drive and do a fresh install of windows or
  • To do a migration of your current hard drive (depending on the amount of information) to the new solid-state hard drive. This option will allow you to retain your current software and licenses. The downside of doing it this way is that you will also migrate any glitches/malware/viruses that you currently have on your laptop

We can also provide quotes on new laptops of all the major brands.


If you do not need the mobility and are looking for a bit more power, we can provide a custom build workstation to suit your needs.


We can supply most of the major brands available today:

  • HP
  • Dell
  • Asus
  • Acer
  • Lenovo



Our preferred brand is Supermicro rackmount servers. If you don’t need something as powerful and compact as a rackmount server, we can custom build an Intel tower server for you.

Microsoft Servers

We can supply Windows Server 2016 with domain controller, Exchange and Active Directory

Linux Servers

There are a wide variety of Linux distributions that can be used as a Microsoft server alternative. This is a more cost-effective option because of licencing fees.

NAS Devices

If you need redundancy and backup for your data, we can provide a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device and set up your network devices to backup frequently to reduce the risk of data loss.



We can supply, install and support clients with the latest version of Microsoft Windows. All the latest security patches will be installed.


The more cost-effective alternative to Windows is a Linux distribution. If you are used to Windows, then ChaletOS is for you. It has a similar look and feel as Windows 7 but running on Ubuntu 16.04 kernel with added features and security.

Mac / Apple

We are also able to diagnose and address software related issues on all Mac products. If necessary, we can backup and update your device software with the latest versions.


If you are having issues setting up your android device to your mail, we can help.

Virtual Solutions


This is a Linux based operating system and will provide you with the ability to start either a virtual Linux server or container in a matter of minutes. The number of virtual servers is only limited by the resources of the host machine. You are also able to run a virtual Windows server. Here is a list of some of the operating systems that can run on Proxmox, to name just a few:

  • Ubuntu
  • Centos
  • Debian
  • Gentoo
  • Fedora
  • OpenSuse
  • Windows


This application is installed on a Microsoft Windows operating system, allowing you to run most of the operating systems available today. The setup and configuration of the virtual machines takes a bit longer and performance is influenced by the resources made available by the host machine. Licencing fees may apply.


Can be installed on either Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems. The virtual machine performance is also determined by the resources allocated to it.


As your company grows, so does your workforce and network requirements. We will improve and grow your network capabilities with additional security. This is on Wi-Fi, LAN and by adding firewalls to the network to provide additional protection from cyber-attacks.